Ainee Shehzad: a commendable furniture enthusiast

furniture enthusiast

Ainee Shehzad, an outstanding furniture designer, stocks a range of contemporary and classic furniture. She recently gave a treat to her avid clients and other furniture lovers by organising an exhibition at her home. Ainee believes in bringing forward an eclectic mix to furniture themes to make living spaces aesthetically toned.


Ainee’s furniture designs serve not just as space occupiers, but they are of equal practical use.


Ainee thinks that today people look forward to real value for money and with the advent of internet and easy access to it, buyers are well-posted of what is available in the market and what a furniture item should be priced at. She believes that every furniture item should be attractive enough to be termed as ‘show-stopper’, and it should be priced competitively.

She believes that for anyone having good taste in furniture, her furniture pieces are likely to be a big treat to give practical value to their living spaces . She draws inspiration from paintings and natural beauty for her furniture designs. Moreover, she also introduces symmetrically designed pieces, as Ainee Shehzad has an engineering background.

According to a news report, Ainee’s recent furniture exhibition witnessed an influx of people. She is known for introducing new furniture ideas every four months and confesses to be in a continuous mode of learning to give vent to new designs.

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