Visitor Chairs

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Visitor Chairs for Sale in Pakistan

What is a visitor chair? As the name indicates, it is a type of chair used in offices for incoming visitors. Usually, these chairs do not have revolving feature, however, some offices may also use revolving visitor chair according to their office environment.

The chairs come in different types and have various price tags. So let’s explore all about visitor chairs in detail.

Office Visitor Chair

These chairs are usually placed in front of executive desks for face to face discussions between the office staff and the office visitors. Some office visitor chairs have four legs, while others have a u-shaped base with certain flexibility offering comfort and swinging motion to the user.

Visitor Chair Price

As far as the price of visitor chairs is concerned, it must be noted that these furniture pieces have varying price tags. Some vendors offer local visitor chairs, while other have imported visitor chairs and obviously, the price of latter is more than the former. Similarly, the quality of local and imported chairs differs.

Visitor Chair Online

As it can be seen, that the trend of online furniture shopping in Pakistan is increasing gradually and continuously, so you can also find visitor chairs online. You need to consider the following whenever you buy visitor chairs online :

  • Price – you must check whether the price of the chair is not more than the usual market. This can simply be ensured by exploring different options and contacting a number of vendors.
  • Quality – Obviously, you cannot be sure about the quality when buying online. However, there is a tool called “reviews” or “user feedback” that can used to ensure the quality of any product in question

Wooden Visitor Chair

If you want to buy wooden visitor chairs, you should know that majority of these products are made in Pakistan. Some manufacturers, use Sheesham Wood in these chairs, while others use Keekar Wood. And obviously, the price of former will be greater than the latter.

On the other hand, upholstery of these chairs can be selected as per your office theme.

Office Visitor Chair Price

As discussed before, the price of office visitor chairs varies according to the quality. According to an estimate, imported chairs range between Rs 4,200 and Rs 15,000, while local chairs range between Rs 1500 and Rs 15,000.

Mesh Visitor Chair

As the name indicated, mesh visitor chairs have a mesh back. However, some chairs also have mesh seat. The real benefit of these chairs is realized in summers, when the user can enjoy comfort because of the passage of air due to mesh – allowing a relatively better experience. Usually imported chairs have mesh, while local chairs with mesh fabric can rarely be found.

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