Sofa Sets

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Are you looking for beautifully designed sofa sets or office chairs for sale? If the answer to this is yes, you have reached a website, where online furniture shopping is possible, and quality is ensured up to the maximum potential. At – Pakistan’s no.1 furniture  website we have cherry picked a huge host of sofa set designs allowing people from different backgrounds to choose something from our versatile sofas catalog.

Sofa Online Shopping

Gone are the days when you had to spare your precious time to buy furniture. With the advent of online revolution, buying furniture is getting easier day by day and sofa set online shopping is certainly no exception. When you are finalizing a design, you need to take care of the following:

  • Keekar wood frame is a must
  • Only go for high quality foam for sofa
  • Look for sofas with warranty
  • Choose sofa fabric wisely’s sofas are stylish yet sturdy and we also offer 10 years warranty.

Sofa Set Designs

Some people prefer to L shaped Sofas while others go for traditional designs. On the other hand, some people want sofas with storage spaces, while others look for wooden pieces.

Whatever design you choose, do not give priority to price over quality. offers unique sofa designs in Pakistan and we try to make sure our every design reflects your choice. We also believe in detail; so every furniture piece is finished in the best possible manner.

Sofas hold anchor position among other furniture products. So, you must ensure that the design you are choosing is functional and long lasting.

Sofa Set Wooden

You can buy sofa set in velvet, jute or leatherette upholstery. However, some people only prefer wooden sofas with some carving. Chinioti sofas are usually of such type. Sheesham wood is used in some sofas, but it must also be noted that not every other furniture manufacturer can make such sofas with high quality finish.

Wooden sofas are usually expensive as compared to other sofas. However, they are long lasting and are liked by many.

Sofa Set in Pakistan

So you are looking to buy sofas in Pakistan? If yes, then is your go-to source. We tend to delivery in all major cities. However, delivery charges vary from city to city. In Pakistan, a traditional sofa has seat size of 22 inches x 22 inches. Nevertheless, you can also get custom size according to your requirement.

People in Pakistan opt for foam filling. And if you want to have an extra comfortable experience, you must go for ball fiber filling. Although, it’s expensive, but it certainly is worthwhile

Luxury Sofa Set Price in Pakistan

When it comes to prices, you must know that the price of luxury sofa in Pakistan varies on the basis of quality of raw material, design and obviously the number of seats. For example, a 7 seater sofa can range between Rs 50,000 and 200,000 and a 5 seater sofa package can range between Rs 40,000 and Rs 180,000.

Luxury comes with price. So, if luxury is what you are looking for, you should stop looking for the price tags.

A question arises here: How can you ensure luxury online. Well there are couple of ways for doing that:

  • Look for the comments that other people have posted for a product
  • Ask for warranties (A good quality and comfortable product will always come with warranty
  • Confirm whether the cushions are being filled with ball fiber or not

New Design Sofa Set with Price

Do you know what we mean by new design at For us every furniture piece that you like is a design. Period. We do not charge extra for new design that we feature on the website. You will see every new design sofas with price on This means we are transparent in what we offer and intend not to manipulate our sofa buyers.  Secondly, we only deal in new sofa sets.

 Frequently Asked Questions 

Question: Do you have an option to buy Sofa Set in Lahore?

Answer: Yes, we provide sofa deliveries all over Lahore. Delivery charges are very low, so you will not find it burdensome to pay delivery charges when you are working with us. Secondly, we do not add delivery charges to the product price and this makes us transparent.

Question: Can you deliver sofa set for sale in Karachi?

Answer: It’s the largest city and we cannot we miss it when many people want to buy sofas in Karachi online.

Question: How about delivery of sofas in Rawalpindi, Islamabad and other cities?

Answer: We have capacity to deliver products in all major cities. And one thing that you must note here is: Our sofa sets for sale in Islamabad and well as in Rawalpindi or any other cities are all same. However, the delivery charges will differ. So, please confirm cargo charges by giving us a call.

Question: Do you offer wooden sofas or some other material is used in your products?

Answer: You invest in us and we invest in sturdy wooden frame of sofas. All sofas that are provided by have solid Keekar Wood frame, which makes them long lasting.

Question: Can we go for customized products instead of choosing traditional sofa designs in Pakistan?

Answer: For sure! We love to provide customized products to our beloved buyers. So, if you provide us with some design, we endeavor to give you a cost-effective offer that you are unlikely to miss.

Question: Are all sofa sets for sale on the website available in stock?

Answer: Many of our products are made to order and we take very less time to deliver. So, when you are finalizing your sofa, we encourage you to check stock availability with us. This will allow us to smoothen our delivery process.

Question: What does a simple sofa set cost?

Answer: Well, it’s not only about how simple a product is. The quality of raw material matters a lot. In order to make it easy for all sofa buyers on, we have mentioned prices with every product.

Question: What is included in a 5 seater sofa set?

Answer: Some people prefer to buy 5 seater sofa in two pieces. This means that the package will include one 3 seater sofa and one 2 seater sofa. The other option is a package comprising a three seater sofa and two single seater sofas.

Question: What is included in a 7 seater sofa set?

Answer: If you want to buy seven seater sofa online, you must know that you can have the following packages:

  • Three Seater + two seater + two seater
  • Three seater + Three Seater + one seater

Furthermore, if you want to have any other combination, we are here to serve.

Question: Which are your sofa designs in Pakistan 2024?

Answer: We continuously update our product designs. You will find latest designs on the website. However, if you think we have missed out on any particular design, we would love to hear back from you.

Question: Can we buy sofa set with table?

Answer: You can choose from a huge range of coffee tables for sale on Pick up your design and let us know, so that we could complete the package for you.