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High Quality Office Tables available on

Offices need different types furniture for developing a good work environment and allowing the employees to work professionally. Office table is an office furniture item that is widely used in all the offices.

These executive tables embody the working platforms of employees and used for placing computers, files and other office items on them.

Find Variety of Office Desks in Pakistan

You are likely to find this item at those furniture showrooms and shops that deal in office desks. The style and size of these meeting tables vary for catering to the needs and requirements of different offices. You may find this furniture item in wood and also in iron. Sometimes drawers are also attached to these tables for allowing the employees to keep important files in the lock up.

Executive Tables

While procuring this furniture item, you should be careful about the quality. Office furniture is meant for long-term use; so, you should buy high quality furniture to ensure its durability. Office tables are likely to be available in the market at different prices that vary according to the features and material used in manufacturing this furniture item.

Office Table for Sale Online at

At, you can browse the listings of workstation desk, office and center tables available for sale by different dealers and sellers. You can check the different designs an styles of this office furniture item along with their prices and contact their sellers or dealers.

Best Office Tables Price

Looking for a perfect office table to go with your workplace? You’ve come to the right spot! It can be quite difficult to acquire an appropriate table to go with your existing office décor. It is imperative to select the right piece that not only goes well with the other furniture but also improves the overall mood of the workplace. Finding a table on which you can comfortably work is no easy task. But that is why we’re here for you. With a multitude of styles and designs to choose from, our excellent gallery of our products provides you with everything that you need to know about office tables.

Office Table for Sale

Both local and imported tables are available for sale on our site. Your office table is where you keep all your personal stuff and it certainly needs to be the right match.  Not only, office desks, but we also have computer desks, conference tables and filing cabinets for you. The tables, depending upon the design and the size, may range in prices from PKR 4,000 to PKR 50,000 or more. They vary in design, size and wood work. The prices are wide-ranging so you definitely don’t need to worry about that. There are table and chair set as well along with single tables.

Conference Tables and Filing Cabinets

Conference Tables are a must have for all kinds of offices. It is where all your business negotiations, meetings and talks are held. Today, there is an assortment of table designs and styles to choose from. These tables come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. You can also customize the size and color of the table according to your requirements. We have tables that are rectangular, oval, boat shaped and many more!

Selecting the right size of the conference table is what may turn out to be tricky. Worry not! We’re here to help you. Providing a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience to our customers is what we do. By viewing the images on our site, you can get a good idea of the kind of table that will go best in your workplace and with the rest of the office furnishings.

Filing Cabinets

We also have filing cabinets that will go well with the office desks and conference tables in your office.  There are lateral, vertical, mobile and side tab file cabinets. They are also a necessity for all offices as all the important documents and files are stored in them. You can find all kinds of office desks with or without the filing cabinets attached. The singular office desks are great too but those with the cabinets attached prove to be more efficient as you can put whatever you need right beside your table. There is a wide range of the office table designs that you can select.

In case of any query or further details about the product that you may have, please feel free to contact us. We hope you find what you’re looking for!


To work in a sane and encouraging environment giving off productive results at your job, you need to have motivation first thing.  Along with that, how your work space is designed plays a significant part in your timely task completion. Here, I’m talking about the office tables specifically. Office tables are that part of the furniture which totally changes the outlook of an office. As soon as you enter in an office room, the first thing you notices is certainly the office table and you can immediately judge if this table goes with the room or not.

So let’s dig more about the office tables and find out the most vital things we need to know.

An office table or desk is a piece of furniture with a flat counter-style work surface used in an office, academic or a professional setting. We are well aware of our situation in our offices where we have to sit at office tables from morning till evening working on our computers. Choosing a high quality furniture for our offices can not only enhance our output and efficiency but help avoid back pain and other related health issues. The top of the table can be made of wood, stone, metal, or a plastic. Wooden furniture is durable, with low-maintenance and doesn’t rot and deteriorate quickly.

Benefits of buying good quality office table

Enlisted below are some of the benefits of buying good quality office tables;

  1. Helps Avoid Workspace Related Injuries

Inappropriately configured workspaces result in an increasing number of injuries comprising neck, back, muscle and joint pain along with shoulder distress. More time at a desk, more chances of developing an injury. The subsequent ideas can support to evade these problems.

  • Use modifiable office tables and chairs especially designed to be used with computers.
  • While using computer, position keyboards in a way to relax elbows at sides of the body.
  • Use chairs with optimum height so that feet rest flat on the floor, else use foot rests.
  • Take episodic short breaks, stand up often, walk around or stretch at your desk.
  1. Increased Productivity

Happy employees are no doubt the most productive ones too. Uncomfortable workspace arrangements can make the employees less fruitful, wanting to be at their desks for less time doing their jobs. Efficacy can also decrease if it is not comfortable to move around their office areas and get to the things they need to do their job.

Office table for sale online

Who in this busy age, has time to actually visit showrooms and select a single office table. Mostly what people do nowadays is: check and buy furniture online. It’s easy, doesn’t consume time and a definite price is already written. A range of office tables and furniture are available on

Office tables prices online

When we talk about pricing, it depends upon a number of factors, first of all, your budget is of prime importance. There are tables available ranging from Rs. 5000 to 100,000. And for your information, it doesn’t stop here. There comes an premium class tables whose prices are in even higher. So your budget, working space, type of work, and other minor requirements matter a lot in selecting the right table for you.


The table around which conferees sit as they hold a meeting is called conference table. It is the most fundamental element in the conference room when your dialogues and discussion with business partners take place. Also, it offers an area where the most important deals and contracts are signed.

How to choose the proper conference table?

The criteria for choosing the accurate conference tables lies below:

  1. SIZE

Choosing the appropriate size of conference table is very important. It should match the size of the room facilitating all participants to easily get up, sit down and move around the assembly room. Too large and there will be no easy movement, too small, it wouldn’t look like a conference table.

  1. SHAPE

Conference tables come in diverse shapes. Conditional to the room size, a table can be:

  • rectangular
  • oval
  • square
  • round
  • modular

The table shape should be in accordance to the shape of the room. If the room is in elongated shape, using a rectangular or oval conference table would be perfect. If the room is square, round or square shapes will go good with it.

  • Rectangular tables will highlight the spot of the leader. They are more pertinent during meetings and administrative matters.
  • Oval conference tables are a blend of spaciousness and efficiency, since the lack of sharp corners builds a tranquil and contented psychological atmosphere in the office.

Materials used for conference table

  • The wood gives the conference table consistency and striking appearance.
  • The marble top stresses the prestige of the company
  • The glass surface will lift even the most burdensome design

Length of a conference table

A classic conference table is around 8 feet wide and 4 feet deep. However, will will propose the similar style of table in variable widths, textures and colors, letting you to modify the conference table to your specific requests.


Workstations are formed by merging free-standing desks with confidentiality panels, connectors and appropriate fittings. It’s an area where specific kind of work is carried out. They are mostly used in offices where a large space is not available so to overcome that few tables are joined together to form compartments side by side of equal lengths and size with all the necessary computer accessories attached.

Workstations are also used in settings where the role of computer is fairly large, and the workers also need to communicate with each other often. Nowadays many offices have workstations because of open floor work environment.

Workstation computers

workstation is a computer, typically networked and high-performance computer is devoted to a user or set of users involved in business or professional work. It comprises of a large storage volume, and a powerful microprocessor, one or more HD displays and a much fast processor than a personal computer (PC). It also includes an ultra-advanced graphics convertors and associated peripherals.

Computers normally categorized as a workstation have these five features:

  • Multiple Processor Cores. More processor cores, more processing skills.
  • ECC RAM. Error-correcting code memory makes your system more trustworthy.
  • RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks).
  • SSD.
  • Optimized GPU

Workstations are used chiefly to accomplish computationally intensive scientific and engineering tasks. Further, high-end workstations mostly assist a net of attached “client” PCs, that use resident gears and applications to modify data kept on the workstation


It’s basically a counter where guests are received. It is a table entailing a horizontal surface over which business is executed. Nowadays every office, hospitals, malls, have a reception just as you enter the building. It is mostly to guide people to their intended rooms in that building.

Function of a reception desk

The work is frequently implemented in a waiting area such as a lobby or front office desk of a company or hotel. Every information regarding any person in that place or services is taken from the reception. Receptionist, on the other hand, is a title ascribed to the person who is appointed by a hotel or organization to greet, receive and assist any visitors, patients, or customers along with replying to the telephone calls.

Height of a reception desk

Most of the reception desks are 30 inches high where the receptionist sits and perform work. The transaction counter is generally 12 inches taller than that, sitting at about 43 inches off the ground after you take in the height of flattening feet on the bottom of the desk.

Material used in manufacture of reception desk

  • Solid Wood
  • Corian
  • Marble
  • Glass
  • Veneers
  • Tiled


An office cabinet (or occasionally file cabinet in American English) is a piece of office furniture typically used to store paper documents, official work record in file folders. An adjacent file cabinet has drawers of different sizes attributed each to different kinds of work files extending from the long side (various lengths) of the cabinet. They are mostly made of wood.

Underneath are listed the various types of file drawers for you to choose the best

  •  Lateral File Cabinets
  • Vertical File Cabinets
  • Mobile File Cabinets
  • Flat File Storage Cabinets
  • Side Tab Filing Systems
  • Card File Storage