Living Room Furniture

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Lounge/living room is the space in your house where you spend most of your time with your family when you at home. Lounge/living room furniture includes various furniture items viz. sofas, chairs, centre tables & side tables, TV consoles, dewaans and settis etc.

However, you can opt to place or skip furniture items according to your requirements and dimensions of your living room.

Designs of Living Room Furniture

You are likely to find various designs and styles of living room furniture and bedroom furniture items in the market at different prices. However, while procuring the furniture you should always confirm whether the furniture is of good quality to ensure the long term usage. We recommend you to buy the furniture that would add decency to the overall look of living room/lounge. Don’t make the room overcrowded with furniture for maintaining easy mobility in the room.

TV Lounge Furniture in Pakistan

It is difficult to take time out of the busy routine and visit different furniture markets for checking the designs and prices of tv lounge furniture. So, allows you to search living room/lounge furniture online. Now you can search different categories of furniture items and confirm their prices through this website.

We aim to make furniture hunt and its procurement easy for the people. You will find contact details of the furniture dealers/showrooms with every furniture listing. Please mention the name of the website while contacting any seller.

Living Room Furniture

You might be thinking of a question: Where can I find living room furniture near me? Well if you are here on – Pakistan’s No.1 furniture website, you have already found lounge furniture for yourself. We have listed a huge host of product for you to choose from, and quality is something that we focus too much on.

Buy living room furniture online

If you are looking for elegant living room furniture online, we feel pleased to tell you that we can offer the following products to you for your living room:

And the list goes on and on. Even if you have any customized requirement for living room furniture, we will serve that too. And guess what? At a reasonable price. So, feel free to call us anytime.

Living Room Furniture Ideas

When it come to living room furniture ideas online, the options are plenty. And in the end, it all depends on what you want exactly. If you want to have rustic ambiance in your living room, you should go for lighter color tones. For instance, if the walls of your room are off white, you can go for light green sofa sets. On the other hand, the coffee table can be of a bit darker, but natural shade. At the same time, we would suggest you buy smart furniture for your living room. That’s because, your living room is an area in the house, where you spend a greater portion of your time. If that area is congested, you would probably find it disturbing after some days.

Living Room Sofa Designs

As mentioned above, the lounge sofas must have a design that bodes well with the overall ambiance. For example, if you want to buy 3 piece living room set i.e. a complete sofa set with seven seats, you must choose a design that you can love for years. Do not go for a design that you might start hating after a week or so. So, we suggest you do your research well and browse all designs on thoroughly before finalizing your buying decision. Otherwise, you can give us call and discuss your requirements and we might provide you a lovely solution.

Buy Complete Living Room Sets

Although we offer stand alone products in every niche of furniture, but if you will buy complete living room furniture sets we will be in a good position to offer you a cost effective package. From living room sofas to TV consoles, we have a wide range of living room furniture for sale online. We deliver items to all major cities in Pakistan. However, delivery charges apply, and we try to keep these charges minimum as possible.

At, we give certain priority to comfy living at an affordable price and our lounge furniture is certainly no exception. We have got you covered with a wide range of fabric choices, color tones and designs. Browse our product catalogs and don’t get confused when finalizing after seeing a huge host of items.

Happy furniture shopping with!

Lounge Sofa

Our lounge sofas come in various designs and styles. We use ball fiber and foam (according to customer requirement) in the lounge sofas for sale. Secondly, we use solid wood frame (Keekar Wood) to make the product long lasting. Many people look for warranties, and guess what? If you will buy lounge sofa on, you will get 10 years warranty for sofa frame. Isn’t it amazing?

Lounge Chair

When we talk about comfort in the lounge area, how can we ignore lounge chairs for sale? Whether it’s about sipping a hot cup of coffee on Sunday morning or reading a book while ensuring certain comfort, lounge chairs are a must! So, buy lounge chairs online on and make them settle in your TV lounge to enhance the aesthetic appeal.