Bed Room Sofas

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Lovely Bedroom Sofa, Couch & Loveseats

Among other furniture, sofas also refine the look of the bedrooms. Many people prefer to keep sofas in their bedrooms. There are various types of bedroom sofas available in the market at different prices. However, these couches & sofas may differ in shape, style and size as compared to drawing room and living room sofas. Sometimes, dewaans are also used as bedroom sofas, depending on personal choices of the people.

If you are willing to keep sofas in your bedroom, you should always consider some important things. Firstly, the design of your sofas should match the overall look of the room. Plus, the color of sofas should match the wall paint and the curtains as well.

There are various furniture showrooms in the market who display bedroom sofas at their display centers. You may also find a complete set of bedroom furniture in which sofas are included.

The prices of bedroom sofas may differ according to their style and especially the type and quality of material used in their manufacturing.

At, you may find a range of bedroom sofas at different prices. You can browse related listings here and check the prices and designs. You can contact the dealers and sellers of furniture. So, start browse furniture at

Bedroom sofa

It’s rather difficult to fill out a large bedroom. Double Bed  can cover almost 40 square feet of the area. While each Bed Side Table would cover approximately 6 to 8 square feet, while a TV cabinet also covers some space. So, if you have extra space in your room, it’s totally sensible to fill that space with a new design of bedroom sofa. However, there is a catch here: the bedroom couch, must be comfortable, sleek and functional, so that the fine aura of your bedroom is not disturbed.

Bedroom Couch

Couches are usually part of the living room furniture. However, when you want to have a cozy nook in your bedroom, perhaps to read a book, or to sip a cup of tea, bedroom couch loveseat must be taken into consideration. The size of bedroom sofa can vary according to the empty space available in your room. However, we at – Pakistan’s No.1 furniture website suggest that you have a two seater couch in your bedroom, with each seat providing a seating space of 22 inches x 22 inches.

Bedroom Sofa Set

It is obvious that the bedroom sofas are different from the available bedroom chairs for sale in the market. Likewise, a bedroom sofa set design should be different as compared to traditional sofas up for grabs at furniture stores.

If you have much space in your bedroom, you can buy complete bed room sofa set online after considering the following:

  • The bedroom couch set is high comfortable and durable
  • The foam used is of A+ quality
  • The frame is made up of solid Keekar Wood
  • Warranty is provided for at least 10 years

If the bedroom sofa set has all the above features, you can buy it without any hesitation. On, however, we ensure the provision of high-quality sofa for bedroom sitting area at reasonable prices.

Price of Bedroom Sofa

You can find many cheap bedroom sofas in the market; however, their durability and long-term usage might be questionable. According to our research, a modern bedroom couch should range between Rs 12,000 and 18,000 per seat with Master Molty Foam inside. People usually use low quality foams that last for short term only, but we only use Molty Foam to provide the best possible experience to the users of our bedroom sofas.

Buy Bedroom sofas Online

A question might arise in your mind that whether you should buy sofas online or not. You can take this decision easily by considering the following:

  • The website for buying bedroom sofa is authentic – This means that the website must be registered and should have a good history of delivering furniture
  • Transfer of money in company’s account only – The seller is providing you a company’s bank account and not his or her personal account.
  • Cash on Delivery – The option to avail cash on delivery option is up for grabs

If you are being provided with all the above, you can buy a bedroom couch online without any option.

Why choose to buy Bedroom Sofas?

The following are the reasons why should be your go-to source to buy bedroom couches:

  • Huge range of products
  • Market competitive price
  • Reliable service
  • High quality material
  • Fine finish
  • Product warranty