Stools and Chairs

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Stools and chairs for your home and office

Stool is a form of seat furniture. This furniture item shares many similarities to chairs, but does not have armrests and back. Like chairs, stools also have different types depending on their usage and number of legs. Some people also refer to stools as backless chairs.

On the other hand, chair is a type of seat furniture complete with armrests and back. Chairs also come in different types depending on their usage. For instance, a chair with arms is called an armchair, a chair with folding option and reclining footrest is termed as a recliner, and a chair with wheels is called a wheelchair. In most cases, the chairs contain four legs, however, you might also find chairs with three legs in the market.

Stools and chairs for sale in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and other cities

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Design and style of seat furniture

The design and style of seat furniture including chairs and stools keep on changing with time, as new trends take over the older ones. Some people prefer seat furniture made of wood, while others prefer to bring home items made of wrought iron. Furthermore, cane furniture is also famous among folks and the uniqueness of cane beds, chairs and other furniture items made of cane largely add to the aesthetic appeal of a space.

What is bar stool?

Bar chairs are tall stool with long legs and it usually contains a footrest. As the name indicates, this type of stool is usually used in bars, but now the bar stools have also found their way to people’s kitchens, as many people have started using this type of stool in their kitchens and dining rooms.

Outdoor usage of stools and chairs

Stools and chairs are not only used in indoor spaces, they are also used in outdoor settings, especially lawns. For instance in Pakistan, people use chairs, tables and stools made of plastic in the outdoor spaces of their homes, which means that the usage of these seat furniture items is not limited to our drawing rooms, living rooms, lounges, kitchens and bedrooms et cetera.

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The bottom line

Now that we have defined stools and chairs, this is your turn to make a move and start browsing the furniture items you need. Should you face any problem searching the furniture items, please feel free to contact us anytime.